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Newborn shoot: lifestyle or prop style?

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Within the genre of newborn photography, the major portfolio difference you will notice is either the lifestyle images and the other is newborn posed with props. As different as both styles are, it still captures and preserves your little one's tiniest moments of bliss and sweet innocence in its fleeting moments. In Fawn Memories, we are highly skilled in both styles that suit your preference.

Here we will explain the differences in styles to help you decide for your newborn session:

Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle newborn photography has a stronger emphasis on the interaction between the baby and the rest of the family. In such shoots, I will usually be photographing the family in their natural environment – going about their daily activities at home. For example, nursing, giving a bath or soothing the baby. These organic interactions of the baby to the parent or sibling(s) are photographed with minimal posing and directions. If needed, props added in the scene are toys belonging to the baby upon parents' request.

In a lifestyle newborn session, your newborn is never too old to be photographed as there's no urgency to have your newborn photographed by two weeks after the due date.

There's nothing in this world like holding your child close to you

Studio lights for such shoots are hardly used. However, we may adjust the baby and family members accordingly to fully maximize the ambient light on hand – like shifting everyone closer to a natural light source nearer to a window. The natural light enhances the natural feel of the shoot, resulting in candid and meaningful shots.

Detailed shots like a baby in their parents' hands, baby feet will be also documented.

Shooting with Props Session

One way to have a unique and personalized photo of your little bundle of joy is through the use of props in your photo session. This is usually photographed with the baby alone as it is almost impossible to include parents and/or siblings into the small backdrop. The baby is posed with props like themed backdrops, wraps, headbands, bonnets, or other props like bowls, baskets, and beds.

How to decide what theme to go with? We suggest brainstorming with topics like parent's hobbies, future career choices (or hopes) for the baby, or even model after parent's heroes.

Parents’ love for marvel as translated into a stylized newborn shoot

We would recommend that the perfect age for such shoots be below 2-weeks-old, as the infant is still considered fresh out of the womb, consequently sleeping longer and prefers to be swaddled and more cooperative in posing.


The editing of the pictures after a lifestyle shoot will often receive less treatment than a props based shoot. This is because lifestyle photography is more minimalist in terms of shooting, lighting as well as editing; leaving most of the original image intact. Instead, lifestyle retouching is more about color correction lightroom, removing blemishes, and some smoothing and slimming for the parents if needed.

For props based, more treatment is made to create a stylized and artistic finishing. Extensive photoshop is done to images to ensure the final soft copy is of artistic finishing and quality.

Scroll right for raw image

Why you should have your newborn done

From the moment your baby is due, the anxiety from being new parents can be overwhelming with extreme pressure from sleepless nights and tending to your newborn's every need from nursing, diaper changing, pumping, and soothing your baby. In the midst of the chaos, having captured your new bundle of joy can erase the challenges faced as new parents be replaced by the blissful moments of your child at this moment.

To conclude...

There is no single formula for how a newborn should be photographed. Some families may favor the comfort and organic interaction of the baby and new mother in their home over-stylized props and poses and that is completely alright. The key is finding your preference between these two styles and look for a photographer you admire their portfolio.

If you need to know more about such newborn shoots, contact us at to find out more!


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